Thursday, 10 June 2010

Level 1 at Leamington

Just ran the first weekend of another Level 1 at Leamington at Leam Boat Centre

Sunshine all day Saturday and sunshine and showers the next day.
Here's young Pete, demoing the 'double pump'Flatwater freestyle, whatever next????Even on the Sunday the sun came out long enough for us to escape the hothouse for the great outdoor classroom!

L3 Refresher

There are a few people out there who still need to do a L3 assessment, I just came back from another glorious couple of days on the Dee, with two paddlers looking for a bit of a refresher before they go for assessment.

Bottom hole at Mile End Mill, Ken in the red boat, and some random paddler in the yellow one.This is Andy, just dropping down through the little rapid below the steam railway bridge - there's that guy again in the yellow kayak!Me, just above the top holeKen and Andy - two satisfied customers!!!