Wednesday, 13 April 2011

4 Star Canoe Down South!

OK, January 2011. after seeing in New Year at Butlins Minehead (much better than it sounds, and better than I expected!) it was back to work.

First off was a 4 star assessment on the Dart, open water day done on the estuary, and the river day on the Lower, because of very high levels we had to have a week off inbetween the two days!

The open water day was a little bleak! Cold, wet and windy! Good challenge!The day was brightened somewhat by a seal, who followed us for quite a while popping up between us.He then sat and watched as we ate lunch and set up sailing rigsThe open water day the following week, by comparison was absolutely gorgous! Devon is a truly beautiful place when bathed in Winter sunshineOoops - time for a rescue!Working up a sweat poling!Oh this could go badly!Guessed it might!

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