Monday, 23 May 2011

Suwannee River

Somewhere Down the Suwannee River!

After the Sweetwater Symposium the coaches headed North to the river made famous by the song. The first night was spent in a fantastic cabin, where the guys swung in chairs on the porch, drunk beer and told lies!
The Suwannee River is absolutely stunningAmerican Sea kayak coaches, no longer burdened with bulkheads and hatches took the opportunity to take BIG coolers! Very relaxing couple of days on a beautiful river. Occassionally we stopped to do some playing and coaching, everyone was very attentive!

Although this was supposed to be a relaxing trip after a hectic symposium - I think some of the coaches were taking it a little too easy!

What a great river - we managed to stop at a number of features to play with ferry's, breaking in and out, and even some traditional skills

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