Tuesday, 21 July 2009

New Boat

Here's some photo's of my new boat - it's a Nova Craft 15' Prospector.

Look at the hull - no scratches - it no longer looks like that! I've been paddling it loads on white water, so it has a few battle scars now, I'm very pleased with the boat - it handles beautifully on moving water, and tracks really nice in the wind too.

It's set up a little differently to a stock Prospector - there's about two inches off the freeboard at the midships, but the prow and stern are the same height, so the gunwale has a more 'sweeping' line. The seats are set differently too, it's primarily set up for solo paddling, so the bow seat is closer to the yoke and I paddle it backwards. I find this better for tandem white water too as it puts the bow paddler nearer the centre. The stern seat is a little closer to the centre too, to balance the bow paddler, and also there is room for my four year old to sit backwards on it so we can paddle with the boat balanced. It works extremely well for what we do.
This was the 'maiden' voyage - so I found a maiden to paddle it! This is Clare on of my Long Term Students

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