Monday, 27 July 2009

LoCo Roundup

Only three weeks to go before I fly out to Washington for the LoCo roundup!

This is a great event, now in it's third year. I was there last year and had an awesome time. This time I will be working with Jen Kleck running a BCU Level 2 course. It's a really laid back atmosphere on Ginni Callaghan's Slow Boat Farm.

I seem to remember being plied with Budweiser and Clamato - yep that's clam and tomato juice!

I also was king of the 'pull yer mate off the bucket' game - I beat Jen! She still disputes this!
Although this is predominantly a sea kayak event, the multi boat approach to the new BCU awards means that there is plenty of canoeing and river kayaking going on.
A gang of us sneaked off one day to go run the Clackamas which runs off Mount Hood in Oregon
This year I also have a couple of days work in San Diego, so I'll be Livin' the American Dream, by driving this truck all the way down the West Coast of the USA!!

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