Tuesday, 11 August 2009


So when I'm running three star and four star canoe there's an element of sailing involved. Now it's supposed to be improvised sailing, but I've discovered a way to make canoe sailing really cool.
Check this out -

Thanks to Blutak from Song of the Paddle I now have this fantastic Jolly Roger sail. He may not thank me for showing this off in case everyone wants one - it was quite a fiddly job apparently!

Some of the students made quite a good job of 'improvised sails' - Others were not so great!

Although the wind died a little we had great fun, broadsiding each other........

.................and storming the castle!

The only downside to this awesome piece of kit, is that I spend the whole day speaking like a pirate, Arrrgghh - and inexplicably I've taken to wearing an earing!!!!

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