Monday, 14 September 2009

Games at Skamokawa

So towards the end of every LoCo are the traditional games, Greenland Rolling (Skamokawa Style), Proposterous Propulsion and the ever popular Noodle Jousting.
I can't remember what the rules of this game were, but it seemed to mostly consist of pushing people in the water!

Don't feel too sorry, for Ginni here - I'm sure she deserved it!
And It wasn't too long before I had what was coming to me!!!
The Coastguard showed up soon after to make sure we were being well behaved and responsible, we said we were so they repeatedly threw a dummy out of the chopper and then jumped in the sea to get it back again. Looked like fun, I volunteered to be the dummy but they said I was a bit too 'dummy'

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