Monday, 18 January 2010

Busy, busy, busy

After a welcome rest over the Christmas period it's all systems go again!

I've just spent the weekend at Canoe England's Coaching Conference - what a great event, superb facilities, 200 delegates, the place was buzzing!!!

I'm just heading off to the Isle of Wight with Leo from Getafix to join Owen at Isle of Wight Sea Kayaking to renew my First Aid ticket.

This weeeknd I am running a 4 star canoe training in North Wales for Inspire Outdoors - there is one space left apparently, drop Stu an email via his website if your interested.

I've been busy working on becoming a provider for some BCU courses.
I can now deliver 4 star sea - not bad for the boy from Dudley eh???
I can also deliver the Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning course - this is a classroom based course that can be delivered in a day or a couple of evenings and is a pre-requisite of 4 star sea.
I have also just become a deliverer of the the long awaited 16 houir BCU Aquatic First Aid course - this is a hands on paddling specific two day course, and can be used as a pre-requistite of 5 star.

If anyone is interested in organising one of these courses let me know and we can sort out some arrangements

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