Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sweetwater Symposium

Wow, so much has happened in the past few weeks, I've kinda lost touch with it all.
So sorry there's a bit of a delay on this.

Thanks to Russell at Sweetwater Kayaks I was invited to the 2010 Symposium. I had the pleasure once again of working with the great Jen Kleck from Aqua Adventures on a Level 1 course. The weather was unseasonaly bad for the time of year - story of my life, but I had a great time anyhow.
Here's some of the coaches in the back of Russell's jeep on our way to the symposium. Steve Maynard, Suze Hutchinson and myself. You might just be able to make out Sedrick, Russells German Shepard, and Jen Kleck in the boot - that's the trunk for tha yanks!
Ha ha, here they are!
Cool thing about Florida is all the wildlife, Pelicans on the dock near the shop -
Dolphins in Snug Harbour, this was literaly a few yards from the shop.
...and although we did see manatees from the dock, to see them in the crystal clear waters of the Weeki Watchi takes some beating. I'd been here before, but this was Jen's first time - and there were plenty of manatees who were quite happy for us to stop and watch them up close and personal

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