Friday, 14 May 2010

Englishmen and women in the USA

Right, still trying to catch up here!

In March, right after Russell's Sweetwater Symposium, I had a group of Friends from Birmingham Canoe Club join me, so I could show them some of the sights of Florida. First we went back the Weeki to see Manatees, again we weren't disappointed.

Keiron getting upclose and personal with a Weeki mermaid
Weeki Mermaid, getting a bit personal with me!

Then we teamed up with Jake for a few days in the Everglades, it was pretty cold for the time of year, and as anyone who has paddled in the Glades will tell ya - cool, with a little wind is a blessing down there - no biting insects!

Arriving at camp on White Horse Key.
Clare, Dave, Ian, Sarah, Keiron, Lee and Jake

After Lee had almost been bitten by a scorpion (Lee was also almost bitten by a brown recluse, a gator and a manatee!) - Clare adopted this rather fetching sandals and socks combo

View from the camp!

We had a great time saw plenty of wildlife, dolphins, turtles, osprey, roseate spoonbills and my personal favourite - horseshoe crabs,

Then we went to my favourite paddling destination in the world, the famous Myakka River. This is a grade one river with grade 6 consequences. It had been cold in Florida for months and this was the warmest day of the year so far, so the gators were all out, and some were more than a little playful, even rubbing their backs across the keel strips of the kayaks - scary eh Clare??

Jake trying to outgrin this scaly smiler!

Keiron likes Gators!!!

Deep Hole, Myakka River - we counted about 70 gators just in this spot!

Here's Clare's report that she did for the club magazine - it appears to be mostly lies, unless I was on a different trip!

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