Friday, 14 May 2010

South West Kayak Symposium

After a week at home, to wash socks and see the kids, I was off again, this time down to Southampton to run a Level 1, as soon as I was done with that it was back on the plane, this time to the South West Kayak Symposium run by my best friend Jen Kleck at Aqua Adventures in San Diego.

My mate Owen from Isle of Wight Sea Kayaking joined us and ran a couple of Level 2 assessments - well done to all the guys who passed that!!!
My first job was to take Owen out into the Quivira Basin, in Mission Bay, just yards from Jen's shop to see Seal lions
Jen and myself ran yet another Level 1 - were getting good at em now!!!

The symposium was fantastic as always and we even had a party on the beach! Here's Russell, Steve and Nigel trying to get me to overcome my shyness and sing a song
Backing singers help!Always a good idea to dedicate a song to the boss!!!

You can even see a video here

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