Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sunshine and Sealions

OK, so this was a while ago now, but I left my camera there and only just got it back.

So in mid June, I had a few frantic emails asking if I could go do some training for sit on top guides in La Jolla, San Diego. We threw ideas around and suddenly on the Saturday, they said they wanted me there the following Monday! I managed to cover all the work I had on and reschedule some stuff and I was off!
First Job was a recce. Here's Jen showing me the Sealions - there are stacks of them around the caves, they look cute, but they are very noisy and smelly - and they get a bit stroppy sometimes. They have big teeth!
I like sealions - as you can tell from soppy grin -
So my task was to look at the way the guides take the tours around these caves, it can get a bit choppy in there - this is the Pacific Ocean after all! The caves are pretty spectacular, one fell in the week before I was there, makes the risk assessment a bit tricky!
I found a couple of problems with Sit On Tops in San Diego sunshine - first no-where cool to stash your refreshments - I know what your thinking that we shouldn't be drinking and paddling, but this is an American Light beer, which makes it OK apparently - when in Rome!
The second problem is it plays havoc with your tan lines!

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