Thursday, 18 November 2010


OK so thanks to Ginni and Ivette from Sea Kayak Baja Mexico Jen and myself find ourself delivering BCU courses in Loreto at the first Loreto kayak symposium. Ginni lives here - this is her camp on Rattlesnake Beach - this is the coaches getting breakfast, day 1.When she aint living at Rattlesnake Beach or in Washington, she lives out of this truck - Ol' Blue! The Mexican students were very happy to meet their English, American, Dutch and Canadian Coaches!The vultures seemed very pleased to see us arrive too!I've coached at some pretty amazing venues, but this rates right up there with the best of them! I love Baja Baby!Not a bad view from todays office - Axel and Jen taking a well earned rest from the rigors of BCU coaching!Jen found this Mexican stray mutt on Rattlesnake Beach, it's a cross eyed cactus hound, I called it One-Eater because it only had one tooth!So Jen fell in love with the cactus hound, we took it to the vets in Loreto for rabies jabs and worming pills. Apparantly it's spelled Juanita, she has perfect teeth, and is now a 'bone' fide passport carrying US citizen, residing in San Diego - the American Dream is alive! How come I never get to keep my pets??????

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