Thursday, 18 November 2010

Level 1 in Loreto

Jen and myself running Level 1 on Rattlesnake beach, don't let the pictures fool ya - it was really tough work!For one of us at least!BCU sylabbi at the ready!I did get a litte rest occassionally Girl Power! Yuri, Jen, Leah and Ivette - looks like a bit of product placement for Werner!This was home for the week - the Tripui Hotel - what an awesome place!Food was excellent too, this is 'mole' which is actually chicken in chocolate sauce - how cool is that!Unclaimed piece of meat turned up in Baja - turned out to be Foxy!

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  1. Hi Phil,
    Thanks for blogging. I was affraid that you would be all facebook now ;-)) I just renovated my blog and added my pictures of Baja (via Picasa link).

    And a recent post widget, so I got your post popped-up on top just now.

    We did not share pictures in Baja. Any chance you have them on some Picasa album in original quality?

    It is very cold in NL, brrrr.

    Also back on facebook, but first busy in getting all related website work done.