Thursday, 18 November 2010

Road Trip - Mexico!

Back in the Big Truck again, this time we are off to the First Ever BCU Symposium in Mexico. 1000 miles down the length of the Baja peninsular to Loreto. Check out the canoes on the trailer, we were planning to run BCU 2 star and Level 1 Paddlesports Coach courses, so needed canoes, five days of driving round trip taking canoes to the Sea of Cortez!The road is pretty scary, some wicked grades and curvas peligrosas - you better get to know that translation isf you wanna do this trip! It's also very narrow for most of the time, check out this semi (that's what yanks call artics), nearside wheel touching the white line, offside touching the yellow! Imagine how close they get when they meet each other. On the bends it can get pretty hairy! We did stop for a leg stretch and photo opportunity, that's a Cordone cactus - only found in Baja apparantlyJen showed me this little cave - Some really coool pictographs inside, historians have nicknamed this the 'children's cave' because they think that these drawings were done by kids of the tribes, as they are quite different from other cave drawings in the area

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