Monday, 22 November 2010

Old Jersey!

As opposed to New Jersey!

I got invited by Derek Hairon from to help him run a 4 star sea on Jersey.
I hadn't been to Jersey since I was twelve so I was dead excited.

We had a training and an assessment going on, so I was switching between the two courses, I met some great people, and had some awesome paddling.

We launched at Boulay Bay on the North Wesy coast, what a great venue, shelter from the wind, but as soon as we got round the headland we were into classic four star territory!It was very pleasant when we launched - this is November don't forget!Bit rougher when we landed though! Time and tide wait for no man, especially on Jersey with 12m TIDES!!!I fell out of my kayak - on purpose! and demonstrated cowboy re-entry - yee ha!

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